Our program not only includes skill-building elements, but also a developed mentorship network that focuses on leadership, career enhancement and encouragement.


Successful scholars are referred to companies for Internship where they can put their skills to use, learn more and gain more confidence.


The Academy has designed the curriculum to suit new adopters and starters and help them grab best programming concepts in no time.


The tutors are product designers and software engineers with vast experience who have found a niche in their respective fields.

GirlCode Academy

The GirlCode Academy platform is focused on human capital development of talented and aspiring young Nigerian women who have a passion for acquiring technical skills in areas of software and web application development.

The platform trains young aspiring female  developers & programmers, in programming/development skills to make them competitive, skillful and competent professional or entrepreneur.


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Become a Self-Sustaining Product Designer & Software Engineer

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